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Drag and Drop into a Subfolder

We all know that a little plus sign in front of the folder indicates that there are other folders contained inside.


We also know that if we click the plus sign, the folder will expand to show us the subfolders it contains.

The plus sign becomes a minus sign and clicking that will collapse the view back to where we started.

So, what happens if you’re dragging an e-mail from the Inbox to another location… and that location is actually a subfolder not currently on display?

What are our choices?

Well, we could put the e-mail back, go over and expand the folder then start over with the drag and drop process.

We could also choose to complete the original drag and drop, putting it inside the folder on display, and then expand the folder to drag and drop the e-mail into the correct location.

Or… we could drag, expand and drop into the correct location the first time.

Next time this happens to you, simply hover over the plus sign (while still holding the mouse button).

After a second or two, the folder will expand and then you can drop it in the correct subfolder.

Oh… and you might like to know that this one works in your other folder lists (even with my Vista lists that do not use the plus signs) – not just with e-mails.

No double work, no starting over. A quick hover takes care of business the first time.

~ April