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Drag and Drop with a Right Click?

Drag and Drop with a Right Click?

Yep, you read that right. I said right click!

We often find ourselves moving text in MS Word with a quick drag and drop, but did you know if you use a right click instead of a left click, Word will offer you far more?

The next time you want to move or even copy your text, simply follow these steps:

When you release the right mouse button, you won’t see an instant move in the text like you normally would. Instead, you’ll see a small menu pop open.

People with older versions of Word will see this:

If you’re using Word 2007, you’ll see this:

To complete the process, make a choice from the menu.

The obvious choices of Move Here and Copy Here really don’t need an explanation. They work exactly as you’d expect.

The Link Here choice is an interesting bonus to the concept of copy/paste. Linking the text will not only copy the text, but it also creates a link between the copy and the original. That gives you the benefit of updating. Linked text will automatically update to match the original text whenever it’s changed. Very cool!

For some of you, there’s also the Create Hyperlink Here choice. That one will make the text in the new location a clickable link that takes the cursor back to the original. Now, changes in the original text will not automatically update in the hyperlink text. Once it’s created, you have to make all your changes manually.

And, of course, there’s the ever popular Cancel choice at the bottom. That one’s there just in case you decide the whole thing is a bad idea!

Now, if only we could have a cancel option on a few of the non-computer decisions we seem to make all too frequently!

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