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Made in just 24 hours at Music Hack Day Boston 2011 by @leyink, @han, and @flaneur, Drinkify is an awesome site that pairs what you’re listening to with a drink.

How does it work? Simple, you just type in the name of a music artist or band, and click the What Should I Drink? button. It will then generate a cocktail to pair with your music selection. 

For example, I was being cheeky and wanted to see if it would accept musicals, so I typed in The Phantom of the Opera, clicked the button, and it generated “The Andrew Lloyd Webber” which is 1 bottle of Macallan Scotch and 1 bottle of Sweetened lime juice. It then gives directions for how to mix the drink!

Want to try again? Well then, just click the Change the Music button, and you’ll be whisked back to the main page to enter in a new artist or band.  

I dare you to find an artist or band that’s not on here, because I have put in tons of obscure stuff (like my brother’s old band), and it always generates a drink that seems to fit the style of music.  

http://drinkify.org/ [1]