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Driver Power State Error Fix

You’ve been working like a little trooper all morning and rightly decide you’ve earned yourself a coffee break. Having left a whole bunch of documents open on your computer, you’re horrified to find an error-filled blue screen waiting for you on your return. Anything not saved before you turned your back has disappeared into the ether.

Sound familiar?

There are a million and one reasons why a computer would commit this act of betrayal – after all, if such problems didn’t exist, neither would WorldStart. These blue screens filled with incomprehensible jargon are a common side effect of Windows grinding to a halt, and there’s no way of explaining the cause of every “Blue Screen Of Death” (as they are frequently dubbed). However, we can tell you what causes, and how to fix, a particularly common one which has been plaguing people for a while now…

The Symptoms
This message usually comes up in capitals near the top of the screen, followed by some rather unhelpful advice which isn’t much use to neither man nor beast:


After thinking about it for a while, your computer may restart by itself or stay locked on this blue screen till you manually hit the power button.

The Diagnosis
It’s a particularly common error which baffled users for a long time. It turns out that Windows, both Vista and earlier versions, don’t like going into ‘sleep mode’ while there are particular devices plugged into the physical computer itself.

The types of things most likely to cause the error are certain iPods, digital cameras and mobile phones. Chances are you plugged one of these in via a cable (perhaps to backup music, photos or other media onto your computer’s hard disk) at some point in the past and left the computer long enough for Windows to activate its hibernate mode, i.e. shuts down your monitor and runs on low resources until you touch the keyboard or move the mouse. This energy-saving function is generally on by default, and forgetting to unplug a digital camera after you have finished moving files is easily done.

The Cure
After you’ve done the above even just once, the error message may crop up again regardless of whether you have a device plugged in or not. The good news is, it’s easily fixed.

Microsoft acknowledged this problem and recently released an easy to install, secure download which solves your woes. Simply click here, let the installer run its course and your computer will never have nightmares during sleep mode again.

~ Zeke Iddon