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Driver Signing

Driver Signing

When you’re installing a new piece of software on your computer, do you ever get an error message that says something about Windows Logo testing? I’m sure it’s happened to you once, if not several times, but if you’re not sure what the whole logo testing thing is, read here [1] before you continue on. Once that’s understood, allow me to explain what driver signing is and what it has to do with the Windows Logo testing.

The driver signing feature in Windows XP allows you to make sure that the drivers you are installing for any new program, device, etc. are actually compatible with Windows. To do this, right click on the My Computer icon on your desktop and choose Properties. Click on the Hardware tab and then the Driver Signing button. You will see a little explanation of the Windows Logo testing at the top as well.

Next, you can choose how you want your computer to notify you about the testing. You can either have your computer ignore it and not notify you at all, you can choose to be warned with a prompt each time this comes into play or you can block it, which will tell your computer to never install an unsigned driver. Once you’ve made your choice, just check the button next to it and then click OK twice. From now on, your computer will obey your Windows Logo testing preferences and that makes everything just so much easier!

~ Erin