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Have you ever formatted your hard drive and installed a fresh copy of Windows? I know I have several times. Everyone will have to go through that process from time to time and it can be quite a hassle. Well, today, I have a free download for you that will save you a ton of time the next time you need to reinstall Windows. The program is called DriverMax and it will eliminate some of your worst headaches!

DriverMax does something that I have never seen before. It can create an archive of all your device drivers. By doing that, you don’t have to worry about hunting down disks and downloads for all of the hardware on your computer. You simply run DriverMax, click Export Drivers, select the drivers you want to backup and then let it work its magic. DriverMax will save all of those hard to find device drivers for you in one folder. You can then store them on a flash drive or burn them to a disk so that you will never have to search for them again!

Then after you format and reinstall Windows, simply insert the disk or flash drive that holds your drivers. You can then tell your computer to look on the flash drive or CD for the missing drivers. If you want to make it even easier on yourself, you can reinstall DriverMax on your computer after you’re done and have it install the drivers for you. After installing DriverMax, simply click Import and tell it where to locate the drivers file. It will then handle the rest!

I love this program and I only wish I would have found it sooner. It would have saved me so much time!

You can read more about DriverMax and download it for yourself right here.

Note: This program has a free registration process. You will be required to provide an e-mail address to be able to access the program. Also, it’s compatible with Windows XP and Vista only. Enjoy!

~ Gary


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Drivers, in respect to personal computers, are the software that enables a hardware device, such as a printer or a scanner for instance, to properly communicate with the system. Driver incompatibility, corruption and conflict are usually the problems that I run across when I have to troubleshoot some uncooperative device.

Installing drivers is also one of the procedures that can take considerable time when, for instance, installing a new operating system. Every hardware device connected to your PC, with a few exceptions, has to have drivers installed and updated. This means that you need to find all the disks that came with the device and load them in manually. This can take some time and believe it or not, it’s not that much fun.

But, with this week’s download, you can be the driver master while exercising complete and utter control of your system’s device drivers. DriverMax is a driver tool that allows you to perform numerous operations with your system drivers that I have never seen before. I am really excited about this one!

With DriverMax, you can aggregate detailed information regarding your system’s drivers, such as what devices are using a particular driver, the date of creation and the number of files that make up a particular driver.

If you choose to look at the Details of a particular driver, you can actually see the files that make up the driver and any other devices that may use them.

DriverMax is totally free, but for continued use, you are going to need to send for a free registration number that Innovative Solutions sends to you via e-mail.

You can search for drivers by category as well. Just want the USB drivers on your system? Then select it from the drop down menu and hit Next. A list of all the USB drivers will then be presented to you. You can take this generated list of drivers and save it as a text file or you can view it in a browser using the HTML option.

All these features are fantastic, but I saved the best for last, which is the ability to extract a copy of your device drivers to a file. You can then take this driver file and burn it to a CD, creating a backup of your system’s drivers. “Now, that’s cool!” This is a great feature for a couple of reasons. First of all, you can save all your system’s drivers in one centralized location, so there will be no more hunting for all sorts of driver disks, because you’ll have them all in one spot. In addition to that, you can constantly update your driver disks to make sure you always have the newest versions of your system’s drivers. This means that if you do have to reinstall a device, you will not have to update the drivers on top of everything else.

As a matter of fact, Innovative Solutions, the creator of DriverMax claims that you can have all your drivers installed on a brand new system (fresh installation of Windows, with no drivers) in five to 10 minutes. That’s amazing! It would take me five minutes to find all my drivers for my PC, And installing them, well, that could take the better part of an hour at least.

Oh, and by the way, the new version of DriverMax works on Windows Vista (and XP, of course). Again, that’s pretty darn cool!

I hope you enjoy DriverMax and find it as useful as I do. It can really save you a considerable amount of time if the need ever arises, which is always nice!

You can download DriverMax here.

~ Chad Stelnicki