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Driving Directions

Have a contact in MS Outlook that you need to visit in person?

Looking for driving directions?

Yeah, you could go online and enter all the address information into a website and be on your way. But, you’ve already got the address typed into Outlook, why would you want to enter it all again.


You could try to copy / paste the information to the web. But, then again, all the websites need the information broken into separate fields and Outlook has it in a single address block.

So now what?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Outlook had a map for you? I mean, after all, it already has the address!

Well, it does… sort of.

What Outlook has is the ability to talk to the MSN Maps & Directions site and can send the info at your command. The next thing you know you’re looking at a location map.(To get the driving directions you’ll have to enter a starting address just like you would from any other site.)

Interested in knowing how?

Yeah, I was too when I found this little gem.

Let’s get started.

The first thing you need to do is to go to the Contacts list and open the contact for which you need a map.

In the Contact window you need to go to the Address section and use the arrow and the drop-down list to select which address you need located.


Once the correct address is displayed in the Address field go to the Actions menu, Display Map of Address choice or click the Display Map of Address button.



Your browser will take over and Outlook sends you directly into the MSN site and a map with the address is displayed. (Keep in mind that you must have your computer connected to the Internet in order for this to work.)

The usual zoom in and out choices along with other items such as driving directions are available on this site.

Just a couple of minutes and you’re on your way.

~ April