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Drop It to a New Date

Drop It to a New Date

Have an appointment in your MS Outlook Calendar that was just rescheduled?

Looking for a quick way to move the information to the new date?

I bet you’ve already figured out that you can change the appointment time within the daily detail with a simple drag and drop to the new time, but did you know you could also change the date of the appointment by using that same exact method?

Yep, it’s true!

If you click and hold on the appointment from the day’s list, you can drag it into any day on the screen. (Be sure to move the mouse pointer to the left edge of the appointment and click when you see the four- way directional arrow pointer).

What’s that, you ask?

The day is two weeks from now and that day isn’t displayed in detail yet. So, what now?

No problem!

Simply click, hold and drag the appointment into the small calendar in the upper right corner of the window. See it?

While dragging the appointment, if you highlight the new date and release the mouse button, you’ll find that your appointment has been easily rescheduled to the new date.

One quick note: The drop puts the appointment into the same time slot, so if the time has changed, you need to open that date and place the appointment into the correct time slot.

Just a click and drag and the appointment is moved, with no retyping or hassle whatsoever!

~ April