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Drum Kit

Want to play the drums and throw down some hot beats over a trance track? It’s super fun. 

When you arrive at this site, all you will see is a magenta loading line on a black background. Let the site load and the keys of keyboard will appear.

To play you can either type letters on your keyboard or click them on the screen with your mouse. If you click what I think of as the robot-dj-head, a background track will start playing for you to lay beats over. 

Some fun ideas to try: type your name, pound a bunch of keys randomly, type your favorite food (cheese pizza!) and anything you can imagine. 

If you run out of background track, just click the robot-dj-head to start it up again. 

This site could be fun for kids or adults, and heck it even kept my cats interested! Check it out today!

http://ronwinter.tv/drums.html [1]