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Dual Boot

Dual Boot

Did you know that you can have more than one operating system on just one single computer? If you’ve never heard of the term mentioned above in the title, you’re in for a real treat today! Now, I’m sure most of you are able to figure out (even if it’s just a little) what a dual boot is just by putting the two words together. But, what all does it entail and how can you do it for yourself? Well, come along with me as I explain everything!

Basically, a dual boot is when you install multiple operating systems on one PC. By doing that, you’re also able to choose which system you want to run each time you start up your computer. So, these days, a good example of this would be to have Windows XP on your computer, along with Windows Vista. Yes, I promise, it’s possible! A dual boot can be done by a program called a boot loader and it’s actually not too hard to do. (You’ll want to read up on it and know for sure what you’re doing before you start, but I’m just saying, it’s not impossible to do on your own).

Now, you might be wondering what a dual boot would even be good for. Well, there are a lot of reasons. If you want to learn a new operating system, but don’t want to give up your old one right away, a dual boot is the perfect solution. If a piece of software you have only runs on an older operating system, you can go back and still be able to use it. Dual boots also help software developers, etc. to see where their programs work and where they don’t. And those are just a few scenarios of when a dual boot would come in handy. So, if this sounds like something you might be interested in, you can do a search for it online and learn all the details. I’m even going to be doing it to my computer here in the office soon too. I’m getting Vista added to my XP. I can’t wait. Check it out, my friends!

~ Erin