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DVD Knife

DVD Knife

Hello! Before I start in with today’s tip, I would like to tell you about something that I am just crazy about. It’s probably something many of you are crazy about too. It’s something that entertains us and it takes us to a whole new world for approximately 90 minutes. Do you know what I’m referring to? Yes, I am talking about movies. And even better, that’s exactly what this tip is all about. Let’s check it out!

I, myself, have a big collection of movies on DVD and whenever I have free time, I like to watch my favorite scenes. I still watch Jack and Rose flying on the edge of the Titanic all the time! Now, another thing I like to do is watch my movies on my computer. If your computer has a DVD drive and you have the proper software, you can do that too. It’s an easy way to watch the movies you love whenever you want!

One problem I always face with that though is that it takes me forever to navigate to my favorite scenes in the movie. If you’re watching the movie on a regular DVD player, it’s not that difficult to find the scenes you want to see again, but this process is a lot harder on the computer. That always spoiled my mood, but then I came across a little utility program called DVD Knife.

If you think that is something you may be interested in as well, go ahead and download DVD Knife here for free. Once you download the program, you will see a setup file called “DK.” Just double click on that file to start the setup process and then continue to follow the instructions to finish it up.

Once DVD Knife is installed on your computer, launch it and you will then see this window:

Next, you can get started on cutting parts of your movies so that you can watch your favorite scenes over and over again! Just follow the steps below to do so.

First, click Open to browse for the DVD movie you want to work with.

Once you have the movie open, it will start playing automatically.

Now, use the slider to find the specific scene you would like to cut and save for later use.

Next, click on Select Start to mark the beginning of your scene.

Similarly, move the slider until you’ve found the end of the scene and then click on Select End.

Now, if you want to play your selected scene right away, simply click on Play Selected.

Once you are ready to save your clip, simply click on Save and then browse to the location in which you would like to save it. If you’re planning on saving a lot of scenes from different movies, you may want to make a new folder just for that purpose. That way, you won’t ever have trouble finding them when you want them!

Once you’ve put the scene into your selected folder, click Save again so that the scene will be saved to that specific location.

Congratulations! Now you know exactly how you can get your favorite movie scenes off of your DVDs and onto your computer. And even better, now you can watch them anytime you want, without ever having to open the entire movie. Enjoy!

~ Vishal Gupta