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E-How [1]

E-How is a directory of 15,000 step-by-step How-To instructions. Divided into categories, you can click on the subject you want information on, or you can type your topic into the search engine and click “search for it” to search the directory for the information you are looking for.

By clicking on a directory you will find that each directory is broken down into general topics providing a way for you to narrow down your search. For example, if you click on Automotive, you will find that it is then divided into seven sections: Aftermarket Options and Upgrades, Buying and Selling, Driving and Safety, Finance and Insurance, Maintenance, Other Vehicles, and Repair. So you are definitely going to be able to find a lot of information as these section cover such a broad expanse of topics.

Here’s an example of their tips, this one is on how to avoid common traffic tickets other than speeding violations:

“Come to a complete stop at a stop sign and where a right turn is allowed at a red light. Drivers making rolling, “California” stops are easy prey.”

“Proceed through an intersection only if the front of your vehicle has entered (crossed the limit line or marked or unmarked crosswalk line) before a stoplight turns red and it is safe to do so. In most states, you have not run a red light if your front bumper is in the intersection when the light becomes red.”

With great tips like this, how can you loose? And all of tips I’ve checked out have been helpful, in-depth, not to mention easy to understand and put into practice. I fixed my washing machine from some of the tips on this site.

I put this site into my favorites and I’m sure you will want to as well. Enjoy!

http://www.ehow.com/ [1]