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E-mail Hops

E-mail Hops

Have you ever received an error message in your e-mail program titled “E-mail Hops” or something similar? It may say something like “too many hops.” Well, if you have encountered this before, what does it mean exactly? If you don’t know already, keep reading for an answer!

Every time you send out an e-mail over a network, it has to pass through several different computers before it finally lands in your recipient’s Inbox. Each computer that it goes through is called a hop. So, if you get the “too many hops” error message, it basically means there were too many transfers between your e-mail and the recipient’s. Most e-mail programs have a set limit of hops that an e-mail can do and if yours goes over that amount, the delivery attempt will automatically be terminated.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to prevent the e-mail hops error. One of the best things to do is probably talk to your system administrator (your ISP) about the problem. If you’re having a frequent hop problem with one or two e-mail addresses in your address book, they may be able to increase the number of hops allowed for those particular addresses.

This probably doesn’t come around too often, but if it ever hits you, you’ll know how to handle it!

~ Erin