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E-mail Icon

I know you’ve given us help with spam and junk e-mails before, but do you have any other interesting suggestions on how we can control it? I’m in desperate need of some assistance!

Ah, yes, spam e-mail. Oh, how we loathe it! Well, it’s a good thing you asked this, because I do have another option that you may want to take a look at. Let’s check it out!

So, you receive a lot of spam and junk e-mails in your Inbox, am I right? If so (and I know you might not like this), you might be the one who is causing it! Spammers have robots that scan the Internet in search of addresses they can spam. If your e-mail is posted on a Web site, a blog, your MySpace profile, etc., it can be found and easily spammed.

Luckily, there are a couple things you can do to prevent this from happening. One way to counteract this is to use an e-mail icon. An e-mail icon is an image that displays your e-mail address that only humans can read. No robots allowed!

To get your free e-mail icon, just follow these simple steps.

1.) First, navigate to this link. It is the home of the E-mail Icon Generator.

2.) Type in your e-mail username, select your provider (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) and finally, enter in the ending of your e-mail address (.com, .co.uk, etc).

3.) Next, click Generate and your icon will be created, along with the image URL you will need.

4.) Save the image to your hard drive and be sure to keep the URL on hand.

5.) If you want to use the icon on a page that supports HTML (MySpace, for example), use this code:

<a href=”mailto:youremailhere”><img src=”yourimageurlhere” border=0></a>

Just fill in your e-mail address and the image URL you were given into the code above. Your image will then be inserted. Once it’s clicked on by someone, a new e-mail will open that will be addressed to you! That way, you’ll always know when someone is trying to access your e-mail address. But remember, only humans can see it, so no spammers will be able to get through. You have to love that!

So, go on and get your free e-mail icon today! They’re stylish and very useful. Oh yeah!

~ Neil Patel