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E-mail Music

E-mail Music

Have you ever found a song that you liked so much, you just had to share it with someone? Well, wouldn’t it be cool to do that by placing it as the background music to an e-mail you send out? While your friends read your e-mail, they will hear the song. How neat! If you would like to learn how to do this, come along with me on this music e-mail journey and find out!

If you use Outlook Express, you can add background music to your e-mails with ease. Go ahead and create a new e-mail like you normally would and then go to the Format menu. Next, choose Background and then Sound. A new box will pop up and you can either type in the name of the file or you can browse for it. Just hit the Browse button to navigate to where you have the file saved.

When you find it, select it and then you can choose if you want the song played continuously or if you just want it played a certain amount of times. Just choose the correct number for your preferences. When you’ve made all your decisions, hit OK and then send the e-mail off to your friends and family (or whoever you’re sending it to). They will be happily surprised when they open the e-mail and hear music!

They will just love you for it and I bet they will be asking you how you did it. Now, you can tell them like the pro that you are!

~ Erin

P.S. – Keep in mind that for your recipients to be able to hear the music, they need to have the HTML settings activated in their Outlook Express e-mail. To do this, go to Tools, Options and click on the Read tab. Make sure the box that says “Read all messages in plain text” is unchecked. That should do the trick!