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E-mail Petitions

E-mail Petitions

Has anyone ever forwarded you an e-mail that has a petition attached to it? Well, these are called e-petitions and they usually deal with something that may be going wrong in the world. For instance, a few of the more recent ones have been for lowering gas prices and for our troops. So, when you get them, you probably feel compelled to sign your name to it and send it along to all your friends. That’s all good, but do they really help at all?

The truthful answer is no. The e-petitions really make no difference in the end. Often times, the petitions have no information about who will collect the signatures after the petition ends. Without that, no action will take place and basically, nothing will change. Even if the petition does have a designated recipient, most of the time, the e-mail doesn’t make it back to them. Also, who even knows if that person is able to influence the matters at all?

E-petitions also come with no assurance that the cause they’re talking about is real. It’s easy enough for one person to type out a bunch of names and send it off. Yes, petitions are a good way to relieve some anger about certain situations, but you really just can’t trust that the petition will do what it says. If signing an e-petition and forwarding it to others makes you feel better about some things, then do so, but otherwise, just delete them. They’re not really worth your time!

~ Erin