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E-mail Recall

E-mail Recall

We’ve all done it before. We prepare an e-mail message and we’re 100 percent sure that it’s ready to be sent off, but as soon as we click the Send button, we realize we made a big mistake! Either you addressed it to the wrong person, you forgot some important information or you forgot to make some minor corrections. Whatever the case may be, you’re probably wondering if there’s any way you can recall that e-mail and try again.

Well, to be honest, there really isn’t. Unfortunately, in most e-mail programs, once the e-mail is sent, there’s no way to retrieve it again. There’s no way to do it in Outlook Express or any of the more popular Web based e-mail clients, such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail or AOL. The only program that allows it is Microsoft Outlook. If you’re one of the lucky ones who uses Outlook, you can read here [1] for instructions on how to do that.

As for the rest of us, what can we do? First off, forget about getting the e-mail back, because it’s just not going to happen. Once it’s sent, it’s gone. There are a few things you can do to prevent it from ever happening again though. One of the best things to do is address the e-mail last. Go ahead and type out your e-mail first and put the recipient’s e-mail address in the To: line last. Your e-mail program won’t send the e-mail without an address, so once you see that, it will make you think harder about who you’re sending it to. Also, that may lead you to look over the e-mail one more time, so you can make sure it’s error free. So, even though you can’t get certain e-mails back, you can keep yourself from making the same mistake twice. Yes!

~ Erin