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E-mail This

E-mail This

If you like to share links to your favorite Web sites with your family and friends, this tip’s definitely for you! It’s a Firefox extension that automatically creates an e-mail for you, with the site’s title in the subject line and the link in the body of the e-mail. The e-mail can be opened in Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Mail (Hotmail) and even Outlook Express or Mozilla’s Thunderbird. Boy, let me tell you, this is so useful. If you’re interested in using it yourself, read on!

1.) First, obtain the E-mail This Firefox extension from this link. You will eventually have to restart Firefox to finish up the installation.

2.) If you want to add the buttons to the main toolbar in Firefox, just go to View and select Customize.

3.) A new dialogue box will appear with the buttons you can choose from. You only have to choose the ones you’ll use. For example, I only use Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, so I just selected those buttons and dragged them up to the toolbar. For another example, the Mail-To button will open up the e-mail in your default e-mail program.

4.) Now, if you want to test it out, go to a Web site and select the E-mail This button. You should see a new e-mail with the site title in the subject and the link in the body. (Note: You may have to log in to your e-mail account before you see the new message). Pretty cool, huh?!

Now, if the buttons aren’t your niche, you can also right click the page and access all of the features from there. Finally, if you want an even easier way to access the functions, there are also keyboard shortcuts you can use.

Let’s say you wanted to include a part of the text in the message as well. To do so, just highlight it, select the E-mail This client of your choice and it will be included in the body of the message, along with the Web site’s link. That’s all there is to it!

I hope you enjoy this one, my friends!

~ Neil Patel