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E-mail to DOC

Tony from New Mexico writes:

A while back you had instructions on how to save e-mails to our computer as text. I use Gmail and wish to save and convert some of my e-mails to my ‘documents’ as text. Thank you.

Hi, Tony.  Great question, and it also gives me the opportunity to talk about something cool:  Gmail labs. Gmail defines this as “crazy, experimental stuff” for Gmail.

Labs includes extensions for your Gmail that allows you to do things like send your mail in the background while you do other stuff, advance to your next message after you delete one instead of going back to the inbox and, more on point, save your e-mail as a Word document.

When you access your Gmail, you will see two gear (settings) icons on the right hand side of your screen.  You want to click on the one in the far upper right next to your screen name, and then “Labs”.

This will open up your labs for you.  Scroll down until you find one called “Create a document” and then click on “enable”.

Enable any other labs that you think that you’d like, then scroll all the way down to the bottom and click “save changes”.  This will reload your inbox.  Next, choose the message that you’d like to save as a document and open it.

This will open your e-mail up as a Google document, saving the formatting in your e-mail.  Make any changes that you want to the document.  Now, to save it to your computer you want to click on the “File” tab that appears in the Google documents window, not the one on your browser window.

Move your pointer to the option that says “Download as…” and choose which format you’d like to save it in.  Among others, you have text, .pdf, and Word.

Now you’ve got it saved to your hard drive and you can do whatever you want with it.

Hope that this helps.

~Randal Schaffer