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Earth 911 – Find Recycling Resources Where You Live

I’ve just about had it with the way trash piles up from the groceries we buy. Toledo has a recycling program so at least we don’t have throw all the cardboard into the trash, we can recycle it instead. But I’d much rather not have to deal with it at all. So I started researching ways to buy in bulk and found Earth 911; it’s a site that shows you how to generate less waste in general. 

When I was there Everything You Need to Know About Buying in Bulk [1] was a featured article on the main page, along with kitchen gadgets that actually reduce waste, energy saving tips and more. 

Navigation is easy! There are featured articles on the main page as well as Recent News, the Spotlight section, Polls, Popular Articles, and Slideshows. At the top of the page you’ll find navigation strip with the categories: Automotive, Batteries, Construction, Electronics, Garbage, Glass, Hazardous, Household, Metal, Paint, Paper,  and Plastic. These sections help you figure out how to cut down on waste, how to recycle the items, or how to dispose of them safely.

This is a great site to help you find ways to cut down on waste. I was very grateful for the section on electronics because I have a ton of old computer parts I want to recycle and now I can find a center near me to do so.

Check this one out today!  

http://earth911.com/ [2]