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Earth Alerts

Are you looking for up to date weather alerts for your computer? Looking for not just local forecasts, but worldwide notifications as well? I have found a very useful tool to keep track of weather updates from around the globe. It’s called Earth Alerts.

When you first open the program, you are greeted with a blank screen asking you to input a location. It took me a second to figure out where to put this information. All you need to do is click Locations-United States at the top of the program.

About half way down the page, put in the zip code or city in the Location Name box. It will auto populate, and then you need to click the button labeled Add Location at the bottom of the screen.

In order to get the program to begin giving you forecasts and weather, you will need to press the Update Now button in the bottom left hand side of the screen.

It will then give you a detailed forecast for your area. However, you can toggle through many different things including: Up to date weather alerts, current conditions, local forecasts, maps, local and regional radars, satellite images, weather outlooks and more. It is also set to automatically update itself every ten minutes (this can be changed). Pretty cool, huh? But wait, there’s more.

This program also tracks natural disasters and weather from around the globe. It will give you up-to-the-minute information regarding Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and much more. It will also give you pictures of such things as volcanoes, and display their recent activity. I was simply amazed by all of the information this program provides. On top of that, I also found a section for weather news stories.

Nearly everything is this program is customizable, including the way it updates. On your computer, you can change the visual, audio, and update time settings. You can also have it sent to your email or even your cellular phone! The only issue I faced with this program was launching it any time I needed to. I would have to wait for an update to appear and then click on it to make it full screen. This may be something I was just missing. If anyone figures this out, please let us know!

Are you ready to experience weather updates and alerts like never before? Click here [1] to download this great program!