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Easily Edit Your MP3 Information

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve downloaded or ripped a song, only to find that all the important info like the album, genre and such were not included! It’s frustrating, especially for me – a guy who likes to keep everything as organized as possible!

But thankfully, Windows 7 allows you to edit this info right in the explorer window!

Here’s how to do it!

First, navigate to where the MP3 in question resides and click on it once. You’ll notice that the info in the screenshot below is lacking quite a bit.


Now, at the bottom of the window you’ll see spots where information like Contributing artists, album, genre and the like should go. Go ahead and click on one of them, add the appropriate information and click Save.


Voila! Your MP3 has all its information now!


Remember that you can also right-click the MP3 itself and choose “rename” to change the track’s name, too!