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Easy Add Columns and Rows

Do you frequently work in MS Excel?

If so, do you find yourself annoyed when trying to add columns or rows that just take so much time?

I mean, highlight the column(s) or row(s), then go to the Insert menu and choose Rows or Columns, etc., etc.

Too much time and too much mouse work, right?

If you agree, here’s just the thing you’ve been looking for.

You can now insert rows or columns completely mouseless and quicker than you ever thought possible.

First, as usual, you have to highlight the row or column where you want the new ones to be inserted.

To highlight a column without the mouse, select a cell (a single cell will do here) in the column and use Ctrl + Spacebar.

To highlight a row without the mouse, select a cell in the row and use Shift + Spacebar.

If you need multiple rows or columns, you could use the Shift key with the arrow keys (either before or after the select of an entire row or column) to highlight across your entire selection. Or… you could just move on to the insert part and repeat the next step however many times necessary… it’s really, really quick so no time lost with that method either.

Now, it’s time to complete the insert. Simply press Ctrl + + (either the plus sign on the keypad or use the Shift key in the combination to get to the plus sign on the standard keyboard).

Poof! Additional rows or columns appear before your eyes.

Looking to delete a few columns or rows?

No problem.

Select the row(s) or column(s) the same way we did for inserting them.

Next, use Ctrl + – (use either the minus sign on the keyboard or the number pad).

Voila! They vanish without a mouse click to be heard!

~ April