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Easy Auto Correct Additions

I don’t know about you, but there are a couple of words that I just can’t seem to type correctly… whether it’s my inability to hit the keys correctly or a simple brain-block of the correct spelling… there are just certain words that always end up underlined with that little ugly red squiggle line.

It’s definitely frustrating!

And what seems to make it worse is that there’s so much Word’s AutoCorrect will fix and yet not the one or two quirks that I have.

I could spend the time adding them to the AutoCorrect but you and I both know that when I open the AutoCorrect dialog box I’ll never remember everything. The logical conclusion is that I’ll spend a lot of time going in and out of the AutoCorrect dialog box to add them as they come up.

Or will I?

It sure would be nice to add them efficiently as I notice the problem and fortunately we can.

I’m sure that we all know that we possess to ability to right-click on a misspelled word and choose the correct word from a suggested list… assuming, of course, that we’re in the ball park of the correct spelling.

But have you ever taken a look further down the right-click list?

Instead of choosing the correct word at the top, go down and click the AutoCorrect choice.


The same list of words will open under the AutoCorrect choice. By choosing the correct spelling from here you’ll automatically be adding it as an entry to your AutoCorrect settings.

As always, there’s a “catch”. You can’t add an actual word to the AutoCorrect. For example, if you frequently type form instead of from you’re stuck with it. You can only add things to the list that aren’t words.

Other than that it really is that easy – add your common misspelling or typo to AutoCorrect with just a right-click.

~ April