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Easy BCD

Time can be our worst enemy or our most loyal friend. I find it frustrating to waste time in front of my PC. And what is even more frustrating, is the fact that there are unpredicted things that steal seconds and minutes from a schedule that I’ve carefully analyzed and set for myself.

You lose time when you have a bad Internet connection, when your PC has some troubles, or when you don’t pay attention to details. One such detail can be the Windows Start-Up screen. Sometimes, after installing Windows 7 over an older version, before Windows starts, a menu appears that requires choosing which version you’d like to open: the earlier or the new one.

If you don’t need to use an older version, this is an unnecessary step in your PC activity. To get rid of this menu, you can use the EasyBCD program. The official page for the program can be found here [1].

On the NeoSmart Technologies [1] website, scroll down to the left and find the Download button (it looks like the one below).

After the Download, install the program, and press Next until the installation is complete.

After the install is done, the program will automatically launch. To see the menu, press the Edit Boot Menu button. In our example, the menu contains 2 selections: Windows 7 and Earlier version of Windows XP.

Select the Earlier version of Windows XP menu and then press Delete. To confirm, press Yes.

To be sure that the menu isn’t being displayed anymore when you start the computer, select the Skip the boot menu option.

The last step is to press the Save Settings button. Then check if the program has made the changes by restarting the computer.

After this is done, you can be content that you’re going to save about 15 seconds each time you start your computer.

Another method for selecting which of multiple operating systems to boot from, can be found in an earlier WorldStart tip, Dual Boot to Vista [2].

~Radu Tyrsina