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Easy Mac Micro Maniac

Do Not Try This At Home! This site documents what happens when you put different items in the microwave with the intent of melting them down. 

Set up like a television, on the left side you’ll find the warning not to try this at home. Around the top, right side, and some of the bottom of the viewing area you’ll find the items that they experimented with. They are: marshmallows,  glue, cake, foam, soap, eclair, parfait, eggs, gummy worms, jelly legumes, deodorant, crispy dessert bar, tomato, football, gelatin cups, Christmas lights, breath mints, crayons, gum, ketchup packets, and a pineapple.  Mouse over those items for a a description. Beneath the view area there is a plate that is the timer, with a notation for where the meltdown happens. 

To start pick an object by clicking on it and then you’ll watch as they load that object into the microwave and press the Express button, and then watch as the object melts down. Can you guess what will happen? Or how each item will react?

This was a neat site to spend time at watching each experiment, go check it out for yourself!

http://www.greensock.com/portfolio/MicroManiac/index.html [1]