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Easy Outlook Calendar Change

Over the years I’ve found that the best tricks are discovered completely by accident. Usually a stray click or two and something unexpected happens, the next thing you know you’ve actually found something that you can use.

Recently my accidental click on one of Outlook’s little calendars gave me more than I thought I’d find.

Like many of you, I always used the left and right arrows to scroll from month to month. The other day I accidentally clicked on the name of the month and to my surprise this is what I saw:


Apparently, if you need to move more than a month in either direction then it turns out to be faster to click on the month name then drag the mouse pointer to a month on the list. (Be careful not to release the mouse button until after you select the correct month – the list doesn’t stay open otherwise.)

So, when you next find yourself searching far and wide for the correct date give this trick a try, you may find that you’ll be able to skip right to the correct time with a single click.

~ April