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Easy Print

Easy Print

There are so many ways to print a document. We can either open the document and from the File menu, we can select the Print option where the document will be printed or we can just right click on the document and say Print to perform the same task. Apart from these, there are many more ways to get your printing jobs done.

Similarly, do you know that there is one simple way that beats all the rest? Just imagine how easy it would be if you could drag and drop your document to an icon, where it can then be printed off. Yes, it all lies in the simplicity of the drag and drop method!

Let’s see how we can do it.

1.) Click on Start and open the Control Panel.

2.) Select the Printers and Faxes folder from the Control Panel and double click it.

3.) Now you can see all of the printers that are connected to your computer. Chances are, you only have one there, but it’s possible that you have multiple printers installed on your PC. Just choose the one you use the most first and if you want, you can always go back and redo this tip for a second (or third or however many) printer. Also, obviously, mine are going to be different from yours, so just look for the name of the one you would like to use. Mine happens to be a LaserJet4300, but you don’t need to pay any attention to that for this tip.

4.) Drag and drop the printer icon to your desktop by holding the Ctrl and Shift keys all at once.

5.) A shortcut of that printer will then be created on your desktop.

So, from now on, whatever documents you want to print, just drag and drop those files to this shortcut and the document will automatically start printing for you. Cool, huh?!

~ M. Nagarajan