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Easy Wallpaper with Google Chrome

Google chrome has fast become the favorite browser of many internet users, mainly because of its speed and small size. Though it possesses countless useful features, there is one basic feature that it desperately lacks. It doesn’t let a user change the desktop wallpaper from within the browser. Gone are the days when a user would save an image to the hard drive, spend 15 minutes locating the image in some obscure folder and set it as wallpaper using windows settings. Being able to set any image you come across on the internet as wallpaper is a basic function that everyone enjoys.

Set image as wallpaper is a Google Chrome extension which lets a user right click on any image they see online and set it as their desktop wallpaper. Installation is a breeze. Just go to the website [1] and click on the big install button. After asking for permission to install, the extension is installed and ready to go within seconds.


After you right click on an image, via a minimalist interface, this extension lets you preview the wallpaper and define whether you want it centered, tiled or stretched.


Click on Set wallpaper and you are done. Pretty nifty.


The world is your wallpaper now.

Click here to install the extension.