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Eating Asia

Warning! This site may induce hunger and a desire to travel!

The reason I’m bringing you this site today is because it combines two of my favorite things: what I like to call computer chair travel (instead of arm chair), and food blogging. Eating Asia combines both travel and cuisine to bring you an informative blog with excellent food photography.

Navigation is easy since the site is setup blog style. Just scroll down the page and use the arrows at the bottom to navigate back and forth. You’ll also find menus on the left, like Categories, Recent Posts, and Press & Praise that will let you narrow down how you are viewing the posts.

You know what it is even more exciting than the delightful narratives and mouth-watering photos? Some of the blog entries include recipes that will allow you to make the tasty treats you’re viewing in your own kitchen!

Don’t waste any time – go check out this amazing food blog today!

http://eatingasia.typepad.com/eatingasia/ [1]