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I found this site because I’m a huge Top Chef Masters fan, and I absolutely wanted to scour the internet to see if I could find Mary Sue Milliken’s Dulce de Leche Churro Tots recipe, and this site had it! Click here [1]for the recipe.

I stayed because I found a very informative site that tapped into my love of food with food information and news. When I was there last the main features in the rotating feature section were about grilling, sustainability, and food service. Beneath those featured articles you’ll find a menu strip with navigation options to: main, news, bite, sip, make, think, and buzz.

Main – this brings you back to the main Eatocracy page.

News – find the latest food news in this section.

Bite – this section is devoted to things that you eat.

Sip – this section is devoted to things that you drink.

Make – this section brings you posts with recipes and ideas of things to make in your own kitchen.

Think – I love this section, to me it is kind of a mishmash of all the other sections with thought provoking articles that get you thinking about food, and our relationship with it.

Buzz – is an interactive section where you are encouraged to share your thoughts with the crew at Eatocracy.

Below that menu, you’ll find a blog style selection of posts from all of those categories. These are the most recent articles on the site. I honestly could visit this site just for the mouthwatering, lushly colored food images. I’d recommend reading with a snack!