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eBooks: Now Availible At Your Local Library

Are you an owner of an Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, tablet with eBook software or other eReader? Are you wondering when your local library is going to catch on to the eReader revolution?

Well, your wait may be over, as many local libraries now offer eBook lending in a variety of formats compatible with desktop, laptop, tablet, phone and eReader devices.

What are the benefits of borrowing eBooks from your local library?

What are the negatives of borrowing eBooks from your local library?

How do you check out an eBook? In most cases a public library has a website which allows you to select, reserve and download the eBook. How you transfer the file to your device depends on the device type, but most libraries have staff trained on how to assist with the most popular devices and online instructions on how to transfer and view the books.

How do you return a book? In most cases the files will just expire and you can delete the file from your device when your time is up. If there is a physical media, you need to pick up at the library you may need to return it, but in most cases the process is as simple as deleting the book.

Sometimes we forget what a great resource the local library can be and this is yet another example of how our fantastic system of public libraries serve the community.

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