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Edit MS Word documents with an open dialog box

Did you know that in MS Word, you can edit your document while the Find dialog box is still open?

I know, I know. I hear you!

Every time you’ve ever tried to edit a document while a dialog box (such as the font formatting window) is open, you get nowhere. The dialog box just sits there, open and waiting. You certainly aren’t going to make any changes to the document until you’ve made your choices and either clicked OK or Cancel.

It’s hard to believe the Find window behaves differently, isn’t it?

Yeah, I thought so too, but then I tried it and sure enough, it worked!

I had the Find dialog open, clicked out into my document and poof, my cursor appeared in the document, allowing me to edit as much as I wanted.

Now, I should mention that the Find dialog box remains on top until you close it, but it does lose focus (its title bar lightens, denoting that it isn’t the window with the current focus) and it can be dragged around the screen.

When you need the Find function again, simply click into the dialog box. It will resume control and you’re back on your way!