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Editing a Document With the Print Preview Window

Editing a Document With the Print Preview Window

Here’s the scenario:

You just finished working on a masterpiece in MS Word and you’re in the Print Preview window taking one last look at it. You know, just to make sure it’s perfect.

Then suddenly, there it is. A mistake!

What do you do?

Close the Print Preview window, taking you back to the document where you fix the mistake and then what?

Go back to the Print Preview window to double check the “look” yet again?

Sound like a lot of repetition?

Yeah, it did to me, too.

Is there a better way?


Did you know that you are allowed to edit in the Print Preview window?

You could have fixed that little mistake right there, while still looking at the Print Preview, but without all the back and forth stuff.

Want to know how?

Yes? Here’s the deal.

While you’re still in the Print Preview window, simply go to the toolbar and click on the Magnifier button. (If you want a closer view of the text, be sure to zoom in prior to using the Magnifier button).

Instantly, the mouse pointer in the document changes to an editing cursor instead of the magnifying glass.

Click into the document wherever you need to edit and make your changes.

When you’re done editing, you can turn the magnifying on again by clicking the Magnifier button. This will return you to the usual document navigation we’ve all grown accustomed to using in Print Preview.

From there, you’re ready to print. Or, whatever you need to do to complete your masterpiece!

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