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Electric Scotland

Electric Scotland [1]

I know we’ve looked at Scotland’s history before – but this site is so in-depth and really delves into the past and had so much great information that I just could not pass it up. Wait till you check it out, then you’ll see why I’m so excited.

I highly recommend that you start your journey with the Welcome to Electric Scotland link. You’ll get a great and charming introduction to the site.

The menu is at the top of every page so navigation is an absolute breeze. We’ve covered traveling to Scotland, and some history before – but you’ll find great sections on both here as well as detailed Clan histories, Genealogy information, Family Trees and so much more.

I really enjoyed the Scottish Trivia section. For instance, did you know: “61% of American Presidents are of Scots or Scots-Irish descent?” or that “Scotland invented branch banking and so brought banking facilities to the people and the world?” You will find this information and much more in the very interesting Scottish Trivia section.

I also enjoyed the Business section and the Lifestyle sections. You can learn about these aspects of Scottish life, which are told with great charm and enthusiasm. You can also check out the Food & Drink section where you can find recipes for the young and old alike.

You’ll also find information on Music, Books, Poetry, Stories, Games, and even a Kids section – making this a great site to share with people of all ages.

Come explore the charm of Scotland from your computer desk with me.


~ Amanda