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ELF Danger: True? How To Protect Yourself?

Laura from U.S. writes:

Is there such a thing that can negate ELF’s? My housemate insists on turning the wireless off at night as she has read all sorts of scary things about ELF’s coming from wireless devices. Is there something I can attach to it that will negate the ELF’s and keep the unit going all night but harmless to humans? Do you have any articles on it?


ELF or Extremely Low Frequency, refers to radiation emitted in the 1 Hz to 300 Hz range usually associated with power lines or electrical wiring. This type of radiation has been linked (in some studies, it is still a controversial subject with proof on both sides) to increased risk of cancer.

Since Wi-Fi operates in 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz spectrum, ELF related studies would not be applicable to home Wi-Fi networks. There has been no accepted mainstream research to date linking Wi-Fi signals to health risks.

If your house mate still insists on turning off Wi-Fi, you may be able to switch to a wired plug. But you’ll need a wired Ethernet jack on any device you want to connect to the Internet. You could plug an Ethernet cable from your router into the device’s Ethernet port and access the internet. If you have the router in a different room, you might consider buying powerline network adapters, which use your homes power lines as cables. You can read more about powerline networking products by clicking here [1].