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Eliminating Pop-ups

Aaron from Scottsdale, AZ. asks:

Is there any way to get rid of that little information box that pops up every time I hover over something on my desktop?

Irritating sometimes, isn’t it, Aaron? Thanks for writing!

For those of you who don’t know what Aaron’s talking about, take a look at the example below:


When your mouse pointer “hovers” over (you aren’t clicking on it) whatever you are looking at or want to open, it brings up a little box with a description of what it is, a lot of which you may not care about. The one above, for example, informs you that it is a Word Document (which you know), the size (which you probably don’t need), the last time the file was changed or worked on (which is how you know this tip is new) and that it is one page long (with it only being 23.5 KB, I kind of thought that, anyway).

If you don’t need or want that information displayed every single time you hover over something on your desktop, then here’s how to get rid of it the really easy way:

First, left-click on your Start button.


After you click on your Start button, do one of these three things:

Option #1: Open any folder. Go up to the left-hand corner of your screen and left-click on Organize, then left-click on Folder and Search Options.



Option #2: Open any folder. Press the Alt key and a bar will appear right above Organize, which has File, Edit, etc. Go to Tools and left-click, and then left-click on Folder Options.



Option #3: Point to your Start button and left-click. Right above it is the search bar. Type in Folder Options and when the result comes up (on the very top), click on that.

After choosing one of the options above, a box will pop up with three tabs across the top. Left-click on the View tab (it’s in the middle). Next, uncheck the box next to Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items. Left-click on Apply, then left-click on OK.


That’s it!

Let’s run it through one more time:

Choose an Option (one of three).

Click on View and uncheck the box.

No more irritating text descriptions anymore, Aaron! And again, thanks for writing!

~ Lori Cline