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Email Aliases in Hotmail

Microsoft has recently introduced a new and innovative email feature for Hotmail users. Hotmail Email Alias, as it is coined, allows Hotmail users to setup aliases using their existing Hotmail account.

What is an Email Alias?

Email alias is an alternate email ID that is mapped to any existing email address. The core idea behind these aliases is to avoid spam to enter in your original email address. So if you have an email address that you are using for your official or private matters, and you don’t want it to be crowded with spam, having an email alias can be very handy and useful.

Email Aliases offered by Other services

Email alias is not a new thing altogether, lot of email services allow users to generate a dummy sort of email alias with the inclusion of a “+” sign to the main email address. For example, if johnathan@hotmail.com is a primary email address of a user, adding up a “+” sign with a description word like “blogger” would generate an alias that is jonathan+blogger@hotmail.com. This generated alias would be mapped to the original email ID and spam can be avoided. But the main problem with this particular method is that anyone can figure out the primary email ID from the structure and spam will still keep on coming.

Hotmail Email Aliases

Microsoft has solved this issue with their latest email alias service. Users can choose a completely different email address that will act as an alias to the existing one. Currently you can create up to 15 email aliases for a single Hotmail account with a maximum of 5 per year.

How To Setup the Hotmail Email Alias

Here is what you need to do setup an alias for your Hotmail email ID:

1. Login to your Hotmail account and hover over the Inbox. A cog icon will show up, click it. Then choose Create a Hotmail alias. You will be taken to Hotmail alias creation page.

2. You can also use this link [1] to go directly to the Hotmail email alias creation page after logging in to your Hotmail account.

3. Enter the name of the alias and choose the email extension. Now use the Create an alias button to create the alias and map the same to your existing account. Once the availability check is done, the alias will be created.

NOTE: In some cases, you may be prompted to enter your Hotmail address using the Windows Live ID. Once you are done entering your primary email ID details, the alias page will ask you to choose the email alias for your existing Hotmail ID.

4. You can now opt for a separate folder to save all the incoming mails to the newly created alias or you can save them to the Inbox.

5. Once the alias is created, you will receive a confirmation email in your primary Inbox.

6. If, at any point of time, you wish to remove any of the email aliases you created, go to Account>Other Options>Your Email Addresses and use the Remove option beside the email alias.

Application of Hotmail Email Aliases

Minimizing Spam To Your Primary Email Address:

Well the obvious purpose of this email alias service from Hotmail is to minimize the amount of spam you receive in your primary email address. So, from now on, drop in your alias email instead of your primary email when you visit any shopping site or any services site you can.

Using Task Specific Email:

People who love to use email for staying anonymous, would definitely benefit from this feature. You can use not only your aliases to receive mails, but also to send mails using them. While sending a mail, use the you can choose to use an email with an anonymous mail ID. Refer to the screenshot for detailed instructions.

Better Email Management:

With separate folders, email management is a much better option, in case you have multiple email addresses for different purposes.

Overall, the new feature has definitely made Hotmail a better service, and was a long-awaited need for every Hotmail user. Please let us know what you think about the new change in the comments below.

~Soumen Halder