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Email Display Name

Is there a way to change the displayed name in emails that I send?

Well, with some e-mail clients, you can (not AOL, sorry). I’ll show you how to do it with Outlook Express and Netscape Mail.

Here’s how to do it with Outlook Express:

1. Click the Tools menu, Accounts…

2. Click (select) the account name you want to modify, then click the Properties button.


3. On the General Tab, you’ll see a ” Name ” field. Type in your name changes and hit OK.


That’s all there is to it for Outlook Express.

Here’s how to do it in Netscape Mail (version 6)

With Netscape Mail running, do the following:

1. Click the Edit menu, Mail / News Account Settings.

2. The Account Settings screen should pop up. You should see your e-mail address on the left. Click that.

3. You should see an Identity section. The first field in there is called ” Your Name “. Change that to what you would like your display name to be and hit OK.


Well, that’s it. Most other e-mail clients work in a similar manner.

Not as hard as you thought, huh?

~ Steve