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Email is going into the Bulk Folder

Q: Last week your newsletter started showing up in my Yahoo “Bulk Mail” folder. Is there a way to get you out?

Well, the email filtering frenzy continues, blocking legit email (like this newsletter) while the “bad guys” sneak their unsolicited commercial e-junk (UCE) into your inbox. We’ve told you about MSN/Hotmail blocking pictures in HTML emails and all the problems with AOL . Now our friends at Yahoo have a new filtering system.

What a surprise when our newsletter started showing up in the Yahoo Mail “Bulk” folder. We’re “whitelisted” with them and have met their demands so we DON’T get sent there. Apparently, they’ve made some changes. If you find that our newsletter, or any other newsletter you’re subscribed to, is showing up in your “Bulk Folder”, go to the top or bottom of the message and click this button :


The nice thing is that Yahoo will automatically report the message as legit when you press the “Mark Message as Not…” Button.


As much as we email newsletter publishers hate filters, this is the closest thing to a decent setup for two main reasons: it sends suspicious mail to an easily accessible folder, and it gives users the clear option of getting the sender out of email purgatory.

If you are a Yahoo Mail user, and find us in your Bulk folder, PLEASE click the buttons mentioned above.

Another way to avoid missing our newsletter due to email censorship is to download our Newsletter Reader . It’s free to get and free to use…

~ David