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Email Won’t Go to “Sent” Folder

When I send an email why doesn’t it go into my “Sent” folder?

Most email clients are set up to save every email you send, but sometimes it might get changed or whoever set up your computer turned this feature off. Turning it back on is easy.

In Outlook Express go to Tools/Options and select the “Send” tab. Make sure that “Save a copy of sent messages in the ‘Sent Items’ folder” is checked.


In Thunderbird, go to Tools/Account Settings and select the account. (In Netscape Mail go to Edit/Properties and select the account.)

Click “Copies & Folders” then look under “When sending messages, automaticaly…”

Check off “Place a copy in” the “Sent” folder on your Local Folders.


That should solve the problem.

~ David

P.S. You could also uncheck these boxes if you don’t want sent messages to be saved.

David Samuel Thomas