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Emailing Photos via Right Click in Windows 7

Kristin, from Indianapolis asks:

In the past, when wanting send photos by email using XP, I used to right click and get a dialogue box which handled the job with one click. I can’t seem to find a similar system in windows7. Can you please help?

How to E-mail Photos in Windows 7 via Right Click

With the release of Windows 7, Microsoft implemented many new features to improve aesthetics and productivity, while simultaneously removing features thought to be unnecessary or in conflict with the direction in which they wish to take the Windows platform going forward. However, some of these supposedly “non-essential” features have become sorely missed by the scores of home, small business, and corporate users the world over.

Possibly one of, if not the largest of these sorely missed features is the inclusion of Outlook Express, Microsoft’s previously standard Windows bundled e-mail client, or any other stand alone e-mail application for that matter, in the latest version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Left without an included e-mail client, many Outlook Express users whom upgraded to Windows 7 have been left with the impression that many of their favorite e-mail features, which Outlook Express smoothly integrated into the Windows interface, are now gone for good. One such feature is the very simple, and very convenient, ability to right click on an image and immediately insert it into an e-mail with a single mouse click in the pop up context menu, even when your Outlook Express isn’t currently open on your computer.

Although Outlook Express had been seemingly retired with the release of Windows Vista, and no e-mail client has been included with Windows 7 to take it’s place, there is a simple solution to those looking to get the “attach to e-mail with a single click” functionality back. The solution? Windows Live Mail.

Introduced in Windows Vista as simply Windows Mail, Window Live Mail is essentially Outlook Express updated with a new name, new look, and new features which help to further integrate Microsoft’s “simple” e-mail client with the latest versions of Windows Live and Microsoft Office. Fortunately, while Windows Live Mail does not come included with Windows 7, you can get it for free directly from Microsoft.com

To download and set up your copy of Windows Live Mail, follow the steps outlined in the article, How to Install Windows Live Mail

Once your e-mail account is set up in Windows Live Mail, you will now have the ability to attach images to your e-mails with just a few clicks of your mouse:

Step 1: Close or minimize Windows Live Mail and find an image you would like to attach to your e-mail message.

Step 2: Right click the image to bring up the image file context menu.


Step 3: Place your mouse over Send To then click Mail Recipient


Step 4: The Attach Files dialog box will appear. If you wish to re-size your image before sending it, select the desired size from the drop down box, otherwise select Original Size and click the Attach button.


Step 5: Windows Live Mail will re-open, displaying a new message ready to send with your file attached, as well as a Windows Live log in screen. If you already have a Windows Live account, enter in your account info here. If you do not have a Windows Live account, sign up for one at Live.com, then enter in your log in information at this screen, and select Remember me and sign me in automatically to no longer be bothered with the sign in screen in the future.


Step 6: Enter your recipients’ e-mail address and any text to accompany your photo, then click the Send button.


Congratulations! You now have the ability to e-mail photos via the right click context menu in a manner similar to that of Outlook Express, in Windows 7. Have Fun!

~J. Conboy –