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We recently ran a tip on removing the annoying >>> characters from forwarded emails (Using a Word Processor to Get Rid of Forward Brackets [1])

Many readers wrote in to suggest different methods to accomplish the same thing. The most frequent suggestion was a program called EmailStripper, so I tried it myself. It easily removes the symbols, but I’m sorry to say that there didn’t seem to be much of an advantage over the recommendation that we made. The text is still copied into another program, where the symbols are stripped. After that, it’s copied and pasted to wherever it’s to be placed. There was little difference in the amount of effort involved in either process. However, since so many readers prefer this program, it’s certainly worth mentioning. EmailStripper not only removes those annoying symbols, it also removes other formatting characters.

You can download EmailStripper here [2]. It’s very lightweight, and only takes minutes to download and install. Aside from standard installation steps, the only option offered during installation is whether to create a desktop icon.

With no appropriately annoying emails to use for a test, I created one by adding symbols to a document. This was then copied and pasted into EmailStripper. They offer a quick 3 step process: Paste, Strip It!, and Copy.

Copy the text from your email and click the EmailStripper Paste button. Once your text is pasted into EmailStripper, click the Strip It! button.

Once the text is stripped, click the Copy button and return to your email, or another document, and paste it in.

Your email should now be all clean and ready to go.