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Embedding Music into Email

Embedding Music into Email

Did you ever open an email and it started playing music? Want to know how it’s done? Here it is in 9 easy steps…

NOTE: This will only work using Outlook Express . We received Gigabytes of email from annoyed readers of our daily newsletter because we failed to mention this when we ran the tip.

It is best to type your message, or insert graphics first, if you are going to, then embed your music file.  Make sure that you have Rich Text (HTML) enabled.  To do this click on Format up in the toolbar and select “Rich Text (HTML)”.

1.  Click anywhere in the message window. (If you haven’t yet started a message.)

2.   On the Format menu, up in the toolbar, point to Background , and then click Sound .

3.  Choose the radio button for either “Continuously” or “Play the sound” and select the number of times you want the file to play.


4. Click Browse for a drop-down box to find the location of the file.


5.  Browse to the Directory and Folder where you have the music (Midi Files, Mp3, or WAV) saved. Remember that midi files are fairly compact (20-30kb) while MP3 files are much larger (2M-6M). The larger the file, the longer the download time for your recipient, plus, some servers block large email from going through.

6.  Choose the file you want to embed.  Then click Open .


7.  The file will be in the “File” space, like this…


8. Click OK and the music will be embedded into your message. 

9. Now, just send your email and away it goes!

~ Woody V. Thomas