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Emoji: Emoticons for Your iDevice

Sometimes words just can’t express what you mean to me! Thankfully the developers of email and chat applications have recognized this and have provided us with emoticons. You know, those little images such as smiley faces and symbols that you can insert into messages. What about emoticons for text messages? Previously, you were out of luck, but if you own an iPhone or iPod touch, I’m going to show you how to solve this dilemma by enabling Emoji. It’s incredibly simple!

Begin on the home screen of your iDevice and choose the Settings icon.


 Under the third section, select General, followed by Keyboard.


Now, select International Keyboards.


In Apple’s latest iOS5, they added Emoji , which is really a collection of emoticons, as an international keyboard. To enable Emoji on your device, tap Add New Keyboard.


Now scroll down approximately half-way and tap Emoji.


Now press the Home button. To give this new feature a spin, let’s open a new text message. You should now notice an International Keyboard button in the bottom left hand corner of your keyboard. This will allow you to toggle between your default keyboard and your Emoji keyboard.


Presto! All Emoji are sorted by category which are those buttons at the bottom. As you can see, each category has multiple pages, so all in all you have 25 pages of Emoji. Trust me, you’ll never run out.


Finally to toggle back to your regular keyboard, tap the globe icon once again.

Using Emoji, you can truly express your emotions in style.


~ Jay Neil Patel