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Emphasize It!

Emphasize It!

Have you ever given an MS PowerPoint presentation and found yourself wishing that you had a way to really emphasize a picture, chart, text or whatever? You know, really make it jump off the screen.

What if you could find a way to have the object grow before the audience’s eyes?

That would certainly direct their attention to your intended subject rather quickly, wouldn’t you say?

Well, if this sounds like it might do the trick for adding more attention to your presentation, here’s the information you’re looking for.

The first thing you need to do is select the item to be emphasized.

Now, we need to set the object’s animation. We can do this through the Slide Show menu, Custom Animation choice. This will open the Custom Animation portion of the Task Pane.

Click the Add Effect button at the top.

When the menu opens, go to the Emphasis submenu and choose Grow/Shrink from the list. (If you’ve chosen to emphasize some text, the top three choices will be available too).

The object and its animation will appear in the list in the center. With it selected, you can make some decisions regarding this choice just above the list.

Start allows you to tell PowerPoint when to begin the animation.

Size will allow you to make some decisions about how the object will change. Obviously, by the name, there are choices to make the object both larger and smaller, as well as, in which direction the changes should apply.

And in the Speed category, you can tell PowerPoint how fast to make the changes.

Set your preferences and you’re good to go. An emphasis no one can possibly miss!

~ April