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Enable or Disable Firefox Cookies

Cookies are files stored by a browser, whose primary purpose is to identify users’ preferences. These can either be beneficial (password recognition, site preferences, etc.) or intrusive, (consumer profiling and targeted advertising). As a rule, cookies are enabled by default in most browsers, but can usually be disabled (or enabled) pretty easily. Here’s how it’s done in Firefox.

From the Tools menu (if it’s not showing, just tap the Alt key), click Options.


Under the Privacy tab, in History, select Use custom settings for history.


To completely disable cookies, uncheck Accept cookies from sites. Third-party cookies are planted by sites other than the one being visited, and Firefox also offers the option to disable just the third-party cookies. Or, you can control how long cookies are stored by selecting a choice from the Keep until: drop down menu. If you want to be notified each time a cookie request is made (and if you don’t mind being constantly pestered by your browser), select ask me every time.

For more control—or for specific cookie information—click the Show Cookies button.


Here, you can remove any, or all, cookies.


Enable, disable, or control. Choices are great.