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End it All – A program for ending programs safely and effectively

Today I have free download for you all that has saved me a ton of headache. Have you ever read the fine print when you install a program? Almost all of them tell you to close all running programs before continuing with the installation. This seems simple enough, until you actually try to do it. Stopping all running programs on a computer is a huge pain in the you-know-what. Well, that is where end-it-all comes in. This little handy program only serves one purpose; to end programs! Just launch end-it-all and closing all of your programs are just one click away!

end-it-all screenshot

This is the menu bar for end-it-all. The single “x” and the skull and cross bones are for closing or killing a single application respectively. The multi “x” and skull and crossbones will close all programs or kill all programs respectively.

“What is the difference between close and kill ” you ask?. Closing a program will attempt to close it by asking nicely for it to stop. This works sometimes, but not others. Killing a program will stop a program dead in its tracks. This works all the time, but is a bit more harsh. You should try the close option first.

I think this program is great for what it does. If you want to give it a try, you can download it here [1]. Just go to the page and click the “download set-up only file” link. Its even compatible with Vista!