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End Of XP: What Do I Do?

Alisa writes:

I checked on upgrading to Windows 7 (will never to 8 and Microsoft can kiss off), and found out my graphics card and Intel chip(which I would have to pay to upgrade , which sorry not doing ever) are not compatible with 7, so how does one upgrade with the price of it (being over a 100? And please do not suggest buying new. I cannot afford a new laptop (not ever buying Chromebook either), I have seen laptops with 7 over 400 and as I said, not ever going to 8 (my games and programs are not compatible to 8.)

I’m not sure what your price limit is in this situation, but you might consider a refurbished Windows 7 laptop. But that’s still likely to cost you $200 to $300. Another option is to replace XP with a free Linux system like Ubuntu or run Ubuntu in a a dual boot situation keeping XP off-line. You could also choose to take your XP computer offline and perhaps use a tablet or phone for Internet and e-mail. But the one thing you shouldn’t do is nothing. When Microsoft ends XP security support on April 8, 2014 – XP computers will be vulnerable to attack if they remain online.

~ Cynthia