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End Task

What can I do if my computer hangs up?

So, your computer hangs up and doesn’t seem to respond. Before getting all frustrated and hitting the on/off switch, try this.

Press Ctrl, Alt, Delete all at the same time. Wait for a window to pop up saying “Close Program” with a list of all programs that are presently running. Look for one or more that say “Not Responding”.


Click on (select) that program then click the ” End Task ” button at the bottom of the window. Be careful not to click “Shut Down” – that turns your computer off.

Another window will pop up again saying the program is not responding. Click the ” End Task ” button on this window and the offending program will be terminated.


Repeat this procedure until all programs that are not responding have been shut down. The remaining programs should now start responding again.

This is by no means a “sure fire” cure for all computer hang ups, but it is well worth a try, especially if you have some unsaved data in an application that is not the one guilty of the hang up.

~ Dale Gunnels